8 Tips to Improve Your Pharmacy Cyber Security

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The advancement of technology has brought with it an increased reliance on digital information and data storage, making cyber security a priority for businesses of all sizes, including pharmacies.

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Pharmacies are constantly handling sensitive patient data and financial information, making them attractive targets for phishing attacks and cyber events.

Cyber-attacks can have devastating consequences, ranging from data breaches and financial losses to reputational damage. Pharmacy cyber security must therefore be taken seriously to protect the business from potential cyber events.

Here are eight tips to help minimise your risk of a cyber attack

1. Implementing Proper Policies and Procedures

Establish protocols that designate roles and responsibilities for all employees, IT staff, and administrators regarding cyber security. Have clear policies regarding the acceptable use of technology to promote a secure environment within the pharmacy. Your network server is critical equipment and not everyone should have access to it as this opens up a potential hole for a cyber attack.


3. Cyber Threat Monitoring

Establish a system of monitoring to detect any potential cyber threats. Implement tools such as intrusion detection systems to help protect against malicious attacks. By following these strategies, your pharmacy can create a strong foundation for cyber security that will keep your business safe online. In many instances a Support Provider will be able to advise on a data breach or cyber attack.

2. Data Encryption

Utilise strong encryption technologies to ensure the safety of confidential and sensitive data. This can also help protect against potential threats, such as ransomware attacks or data breaches. Data encryption ensures that all data transmitted between the server and end-users is fully secure, which prevents anyone without access to the encryption key from being able to view or intercept the data.


4. Security Training

Provide comprehensive and ongoing security training for all personnel. This can help ensure that everyone is aware of the importance of cyber security, as well as best practices to follow to protect your pharmacy’s digital assets. Phishing attacks are one of the most common ways hackers access systems, so it is important to be educated on how to detect and prevent such attacks.

5. Security Auditing

Conduct regular security audits to identify any potential vulnerabilities in your Pharmacy IT systems. With this information, you can then take the necessary steps to mitigate any weaknesses.

7. Backup and Recovery

Implement a comprehensive backup and recovery plan in case of unforeseen events, such as natural disasters or cyber-attacks. Make sure backups are stored outside the pharmacy’s network for extra protection and monitored daily by a Pharmacy IT professional.

6. Regular Software Updates

Ensure that all software applications used in your pharmacy are updated regularly with the latest software patches and fixes. This is essential for closing off any potential openings for malicious hackers and a potential cyber attack.

8. Use Security Software and Firewalls

Install antivirus and ransomware software, firewalls, and other security measures to protect your pharmacy from a potential cyber attack. Be sure to keep all software up-to-date to ensure maximum protection.




Real-life strategy to reach your goals.

Cyber-attacks can have serious consequences for pharmacies, making it essential for pharmacy business owners to take necessary steps towards cyber security. By implementing proper policies and procedures, data encryption, backup and recovery plans, comprehensive security training, regular software updates, cyber threat monitoring and using the appropriate security tools such as antivirus software and firewalls, pharmacy business owners can ensure their businesses have layers of protection from malicious actors and secure against data breaches and other threats.

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