Are you backed up?

Your data is critical information, what happens if your equipment
is damaged, hacked into or data is lost… how do you get that data back?
Data security is more important than ever with new Australian mandatory data breach laws.

What data is critical

Patient Information
Dispense Software
POS Software
Accounting Software

What things do you need to be aware of when choosing a backup service

Is your backup monitored and managed to ensure it goes through?
Having a backup system in place is as good as the team monitoring it, if the data is not being backed up correctly this can be the same as having no backup at all. Are the data centres holding your information Australian Based?
Australia has strict regulations around data and its security however other countries do not, this means that if the servers are hosted internationally data recovery and data security comes under that countries laws and regulations which means your data could be sold to third parties, however you must still comply with Australian data breach laws (more information below) if that does happen.

New Data Breach Laws

The New Australian mandatory breach laws have tightened up obligations and security around patient data,
this is important to note if your information is not backed up here in Australia.
Data that is obtained via unauthorised access, disclosure or loss of personal information held by an entity in which is
“likely to result in serious harm to any of the individuals to whom the information relates”.
You must report the “eligible data breach” within 30 days.
Failure to report could see businesses facing penalties of up to $360,000 to $1.8 million dollars.

Chemist POS Direct Back Ups

  • We monitor your data daily and will notify you if there is an issue
  • Our Backups are automated
  • Our servers are Australian based and we backup to multiple servers not just one
  • QCCP compliant – 14 day retention
  • We can backup more than just your database
  • No lock in contract
  • 30 days try before you buy Starting from $45/month