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Do you have a cyber security policy?
Do you currently have cyber insurance?
Has your organisation ever experienced a cyber security incident?
Do you monitor network traffic for abnormal activity?
Do you enforce the use of strong and unique passwords?
Do you have SPAM and anti-virus filtering enabled for inbound email?
Do you have website filters in place to restrict access to websites that may be harmful to your organisation? (eg: torrents / gambling)
Do you have an active anti-virus service?
Is the anti-virus centrally managed and are updates applied regularly?
Are you confident that staff are cyber aware and understand cyber risks to the organisation?
Would staff know how to identify a spear phishing email?
Do you have a VPN setup for staff to connect to work remotely?
Do you perform regular backups of computers and servers?
Are you aware of what notification is required to send to customers should you experience a breach?