Pharmacies are at risk now more than ever before

Doing nothing is no longer an option.

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The base plan to start you on your cyber secure journey


The highest level of security to keep your company cyber secure


The intermediate plan to keep your network safe and staff informed

Significantly Reduce Your

Pharmacy’s Cyber Risk With These Steps

Assess your pharmacies cyber security risk

Complete our online health check to access your pharmacies security risk score.

Implement the easy-to-follow cyber security framework

With your risk dashboard you can then work through areas that are putting your pharmacy at risk. Framework assists you implement cyber security policies with our policy templates along with actionable checklists.

Deliver online training to your team

Utilise our short engaging online training videos for your team and measure their engagement and compliance over time. It will identify those members who are a potential risk to your pharmacy and offers them targeted training.
Phishing simulations throughout the year also aim to educate team members. With access to multiple campaign templates, you can send out simulations and then gain insight into team members email vulnerabilities.

Patch any holes in the network infrastructure of the pharmacy

Now that you have a better understand of the gaps in the network infrastructure you can work on patching those holes. This includes installing network firewalls, patching equipment, identifying all the devices on your network and installing security software.

Constant monitoring of network traffic, devices and cloud services for any suspicious behaviour that might be trying to infiltrate your pharmacy

Integrating all security data within your network looking at your firewall, endpoints, cloud workloads, dark web breaches and compromised credentials, our Security Operations team analyses attack patterns and alerts your team as soon as possible when suspicious activity is detected within your pharmacy.