CPD Offsite Backups – 5GB Managed Plan

Why should I backup my data online?
Online backup has several advantages over traditional backup methods, such as backup to disc or tape:

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No more Disks. No more tapes. No more manual tasks! Less than $45 a month for a service that includes installation, maintenance, backup integrity, recovery and restoration

How much is your data worth?

Your computer and other office equipment may be insured; but if you lose your data, you lose your business.

In today’s electronic-age, computers have become a necessary part of doing business and we rely on them more than ever to supply us with the information we need. Advances in technology may have bought us greater productivity and efficiency, but at the same time it’s all too easy for it to disappear! Just one wrong click, one virus, a power surge or even an unhappy employee and you could be facing thousands in data recovery costs, or worse!

Data loss can happen in many ways, and the most common is hardware failure. If you’ve stored everything on a computer hard drive, you could be in for a shock; it wasn’t designed to last forever.

Why CPD Offsite Backups?
CPD Offsite Backups is the easy to use, automated and affordable way to backup your irreplaceable data. At your predetermined time, your data is encrypted, compressed and sent to our secure, offsite servers.

Our Plans

4GB: $45 ex GST/Month Paid Quarterly in advance:
Suitable for POS and Dispensary Backup

10GB: $55 ex GST/Month Paid Quarterly in advance:
Suitable for POS and Dispensary PLUS Nominated Software and Document Folders

How safe is your data?
We take the security of your data very seriously. Your data is encrypted to bank grade standards before even leaving your place of business and our servers are located in one of the Australia’s leading data centres with fully redundant power and internet connections. We conduct our own backups on the data centre’s own internal network to a secondary file vault every night, ensuring your valuable data is safe from catastrophic loss.


Automatic Backup
After initial setup of the backup software, offsite backups will be performed as scheduled automatically without requiring human effort.

Email & Address Book Backup
The backup software is capable of performing a daily backup your Microsoft Outlook and/or Outlook Express email and address book with just a few simple clicks.

User Friendly Software
The software interface of CPD Offsite Backups Software is designed to simply allow users to handle backup/restore operations and complete administration tasks easily within a few clicks.

Easy & Fast Restoration
Users can choose to restore the entire backup or choose the files they wish to restore. They can also choose to restore to the original location or can restore to a different location.

Email confirmation
The CPD Offsite Backups server, send daily emails to confirm the previous days backup.
Web Management Access
The backup software allows for restoration of data from either the backup software or via logging in to the web Management interface that can be done anywhere in the world with internet access.
File Retention
The CPD Offsite Backup software allows users to restpre previous versions of the same file. Overwritten or deleted files are no longer a problem.
Completely Secure
The backup software compresses and encrypts your data to a minimum standard of 128 bit “bank grade encryption” before it leaves your computer to the CPD network, which spread over a number of Class A data centres in Australia.

Completely Private
Each user creates a individual username and password. This means that each user also creates a unique encryption key. This encryption key ensures that while your data is securely stored at our data centre, only you have access to decrypt your files. In fact, even our most privileged systems administrators do not have the ability to decrypt and view your data. Your data is completely safe and private at all times.

Multiple Platform Support
Our backup software runs on all leading operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Apple Mac.

Comprehensive Logging
The backup software allows users to see the results of backups by checking the daily logs; this is quick and simple and only takes a few clicks.


Why should I backup my data offsite?
Storing a backup of your business data offsite means your data is protected in the case of a disaster such as fire, flood, robbery or a computer failure.

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