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Remote Support
IT an important business partner

IT infrastructure is critical for any business to be successful and run efficiently. Chemist POS Direct can offer your business the technical IT support it needs without the high capital expenditure.

Hardware maintenance contracts (SLA)

Our hardware maintenance contracts can offer you the IT services and support that will help you better manage your business, reduce risks and costs and realise operational efficiencies. We offer you the total support and management of your IT infrastructure for a fixed monthly fee. We can manage your sever, network and any other devices. With a fixed monthly support fee, you will reduce any financial risks associate with your IT network and guarantee outcomes that are defined in the agreement. We can tailor a solution that best suits your needs.

Our flexible IT support plans will simplify the management of your IT. By signing up to one of our maintenance plans, our team becomes yours with direct access to our highly skilled system engineers who can offer support, assistance and advice on the choice of technology that will achieve your business objectives and goals. You will have access to one phone number for all issues. Our help desk staff will assist in resolving your issues at first point of call.

You can choose between two types of maintenance contacts: Remote only or on-site support with the standard coverage hours between 8AM-6PM, 7 days a week.

Simplify management of your IT

Our maintenance contracts are highly flexible, allowing you to choose specific services you require. You also have the ability to tailor the service levels in a way that works best for you and your business.

We will monitor your network in real time so we can resolve potential issues before it becomes a problem. You can consider our team as your team. Our staff will always be available to provide you with the support and advise on the choice of technologies and approach required to meet your business objectives. We will be your first point of contact for any IT related issues or questions.

Services we offer

What we can offer your business is:

--- Removing the complexity of managing your network infrastructure
--- Proactive management of your IT infrastructure
--- Support for a wide range of technologies including Microsoft Server products
--- Support for a variety of devices such as desktops, laptops, mobile devices, networking devices many more
--- Complete support for the business’ day to day IT needs
--- Backup and data protection

Reduce the cost of IT
Outsource all your IT needs to Chemist POS Direct to reduce cost of maintenance and support. We utilise the latest technologies to ensure your network runs efficiently and sustainability. Our ultimate goal is to allow your business to achieve more with less. 

The benefit of using a maintenance contract:

--- Reduce capital spent on IT maintenance and upgrade

--- Free staff time to focus on serving customers
--- Be assured that your data is protected
Network security

Network threats have dramatically increased in the recent years and there are no sign of it slowing down. Recently, ransomeware viruses have attacked pharmacies and medical centers. Every business is now a potential target.

It is very important to have the right network security measures in place to protect your business against those threats. Keeping on top of network security can drain resources and cost significant amount of money and time.
Chemist POS Direct can maintain your network to detect suspicious activities early and prevent downtime. We can 
help to protect your network by monitoring it for you in real-time, and efficiently dealing with threats as soon as they occur. By proactively detecting and preventing intrusions we can save you money by avoiding the damage and repairs that are necessary when threats go undetected. We can help you assess your security needs and put the best solutions in place to help mitigate risk.

Network monitoring can reduce the cost of identifying and treating networks threats and mi
nimise interruptions to day to day operations.

Below is a full description of each of the plans that we can offer you. If you would like more information about Chemist POS Direct’s hardware maintenance agreements, please feel free to contact us on 1300 767 303.

This consists of a technician from Chemist POS Direct providing assistance over the phone with a technical problem.
In most cases where there is not a serious hardware problem one of our technicians will be able to dial in remotely to your computer to assist you with a technical problem you are having.
In the event that a problem is not able to be resolved remotely an onsite visit may be necessary.
Chemist POS Direct will install software to monitor the state of the server and workstations at the customer’s site
During preventative hardware maintenance (occuring every 6 months) we make sure the computers onsite are up to date, shut them down and clean out the inside where dust often accumulates, which can often lead to hardware problems.
With CPD Offsite backup you have peace of mind – your critical POS and Dispense data (and selected documents with the Total Care plan) are backed up automatically each night to our servers in Melbourne and Sydney.
Antivirus is very important for business – it ensures that you are receiving protection from known threats on the internet.
  Total Care Package   Support Package     Remote Assistance Package  
  Phone Support   Phone Support     Phone Support  
  Remote Dial In   Remote Dial In     Remote Dial In
  Server Monitoring   Server Monitoring     Server Monitoring
  Offsite Backup 10GB   Offsite Backup 5GB     Offsite Backup ---
  Back up Includes Dispense, POS & Documents   Back up Includes Dispense, POS only     Back up Includes ---
  Hours of Coverage Monday - Friday
  Hours of Coverage Monday - Friday
    Hours of Coverage Monday - Friday
  Antivirus Licenses   Antivirus Licenses     Antivirus Licenses ---
  Onsite Support   Onsite Support     Onsite Support ---
  Preventative Hardware Maintenance   Preventative Hardware Maintenance     Preventative Hardware Maintenance ---
  Workstation Monitoring   Workstation Monitoring     Workstation Monitoring ---
  Emergency After
Hours Coverage
24 hrs/7 days 4 hour response*   ---       Emergency After
Hours Coverage
  *Prices quoted are for a Server, Dispense, Back Office and Two tills. All prices are exclusive of GST. 4 hr response time only if the Customers site is within 100km of a Chemist POS DirectService Centre.   *Prices quoted are for a Server,
Dispense, Back Office and Two tills.
All prices are exclusive of GST.
    *All prices are exclusive of GST.
  Call us on 1300 767 303 for pricing

Services we offer

What we can offer your business is: