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Mission Statement

Chemist POS Direct offers alternative choices to the Pharmacist, not only in providing lower prices but also independent and unbiased advice on selecting POS Software and Hardware.

Our aim is to be the number one hardware provider to the pharmacy industry in Australia.

To achieve that in a fast paced technology oriented market, we have employed key staff members in all states. All handpicked for their experience and industry knowledge. Our staff have over 100 years’ experience in servicing, supplying and maintaining computers and I.T Hardware to the retail pharmacy industry.

We deliver on our promises and pride ourselves on being a highly reliable, efficient and customer centric IT provider.

The early days

Chemist POS Direct was previously known as POS Technologies Pty Ltd, founded in 1989. POS Technologies had been a provider and developer of POS Hardware to various POS software applications, resellers and developers catering for the retail Pharmacy industry.

Chemist POS Direct

Chemist POS Direct was founded in 2003 as a result of the rapid growth in POS within the retail Pharmacy industry. Our objective was to expand our horizon by becoming a direct supplier and provider to the Pharmacy industry, by cutting out the middle man.

We are not internet based... We are real

We are not an Internet based company. We employ staff in all states. Our staff are industry trained and understand how your pharmacy operates which allows us to keep disruptions to a minimum.

Having offices in all states means that your business has access to highly professional IT services regardless of where you are. This includes access to IT services, hardware and consumables.

We provide equipment that you can rely upon for day to day operation of you pharmacy from computers, printers, toners, barcode scanners, till rolls, etc. We also provide other information technology services such as IT services and support, hardware procurement, Security systems, Software, etc.

Our solid experience in the pharmacy industry allows us to deliver information technology solutions that are reliable and represent value for money for our customers.

Company Values

We empower our employees to deliver the best customer experience possible. We build relationships with our team, customers and suppliers based on honesty and hard work.

We are honest with our customers in recommending solutions that we know will work for them and take responsibility if our technicians or products have been found to be the cause of an issue.  We give our honest unbiased opinion about hardware and software.

We are passionate about our business. We work extra hard when supporting and servicing our customers.

We have a teamwork based culture which is at the core of everything that we do. We never let anyone down and never give up without giving it a go. Our strong team is the foundation to our success. Our team always works to the best interest of our customers.


Chemist POS Direct is a channel partner of the majority of leading brands in the IT industry such as Kyocera, HP, Motorola, AVG, Zebra, Samsung, Epson and many more. Being a channel partner allows us to constantly negotiate better deals on your behalf with various wholesalers to bring you better prices which we are constantly passing the savings onto you.

This partnership with different vendors enables us to have a wide network of suppliers around the country to provide products and services quickly and efficiently. We participate in many workshops to monitor changes and development in the hardware industry so we can provide you with store ready equipment and keeping our customers informed about the latest in the IT world.

We are proud to be named Kyocera's Resellers Highest Achiever award for 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014. We are also a HP Silver Partner, Zebra Premium Reseller and Motorola Empowered partner.


Our head office is located at Rockdale NSW.

We also have offices in Queensland, Victoria and South Australia.

Our difference

Unfortunately not all Pharmacies are receiving the service or the support that justifies paying the higher premiums and most software providers are already using common hardware, hence compatibility issues are often minimal.

Our Promise to You...

    -  Keep our prices extremely competitive.

    -  Ensure quick turn-around so you don’t have to wait for your order

    -  Pharmacists are assured that they are purchasing hardware form a knowledgeable supplier in the retail Pharmacy industry.

    -  Pharmacists receive a higher level of support and service on products without the higher premium.

    -  We provide on-site service throughout our network of qualified technical contractors.

    -  We provide on-site service throughout our network of qualified technical contractors.